USC Dragon Boat is a competitive club sport open to any and all USC students. From our beginnings in 2005, we have been and still are a completely student-run and self-supported club. A regular at many dragon boat events, USC has improved dramatically every year and is one of the top college teams in California.

USCDB is one of the hardest-working club sports on campus. We hold weekend water practices on both Saturday and Sunday where we focus on timing, technique, and endurance. During the week, we expect that you will also work out to improve your strength and endurance. Don’t worry if all of this seems confusing, you will have a veteran paddler to teach you what to do.

In return, you can expect to get, first and foremost, very fit. We train for power, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. If you’ve never been athletic, you can expect to be. If you are, we’ll take you to a higher level. Secondly, you can expect to gain a family at USC. We travel up and down California, and even as far as Arizona, as a team and you’ll come to know your fellow paddlers very well. In addition, we have many social events throughout the year for reasons ranging from holidays to “because we said so.” You’ll amass a collection of victory medals and memories that you will treasure. We promise.



Dragon boat is a co-ed paddling sport taking place in a long, canoe-shaped boat. There are two paddlers on each bench, and between eighteen and twenty paddlers on a bench. There is a drummer and a steersman, responsible for keeping the boat moving at speed and for keeping the boat on a straight course.

Races are typically 500 meters long but they can be as short as 250 meters or as long as 1000 meters. However long the races are, winning depends on teamwork and coordination. Teams that paddle at the same time push the boat forward while teams that are off time from each other slow down.

For more information about USCDB or about dragon boating in general, feel free to browse our website or contact our eboard at usc.dragonboat@gmail.com for more information

Thank you to our donors: Scott Yamamoto, Alric Van, and Mr. & Mrs. Li!

If you’re interested in supporting our team, please see our SPONSORS page for more information.

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