USC Dragon Boat is a growing competitive club sport open to any and all USC students. For more information about USCDB or about dragon boating in general, feel free to browse our website or contact eboard at usc.dragonboat@gmail.com for more information

Thank you to our donors: Scott Yamamoto, Alric Van, and Mr. & Mrs. Li!

If you’re interested in supporting our team, please see our SPONSORS page for more information.


USC Dragon Boat was founded in 2005. We are completely student-run and self-supported. Though our team is young, we have improved dramatically every single year to become one of the top teams in California.

We are one of the hardest working club sports on campus, so know what you are getting yourself in to. During our water practices we focus on teamwork, timing, technique, endurance, and power. After a practice you can expect to eat a ton and then take a much needed nap. However water practices alone aren’t enough for us to remain a top team; we also perform incredibly demanding workouts in the gym to improve our power, and do running and calisthenics on land for cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

What you will get out of Dragon Boat:

  • Feeling of Family
  • Healthy and Fit Body
  • Victory medals
  • Races in LA, San Diego, San Francisco, and Arizona
  • Great memories!



Originating in China more than 2500 years ago, Dragon Boat is a traditional Chinese sport that is considered one of the new and upcoming water sports of today. Similar to crew, this co-ed sport is comprised of a canoe-shaped boat, however, unlike crew there are two paddlers to a bench, each responsible for paddling on one side of the boat. To represent the deep and rich tradition and history of the sport in China, the dragon boat is decorated with a dragon head and tail during races.

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